Breathing powers singing. Your management and understanding of breathing fuels the success of your singing, regardless of the genre. Working mostly with Accent Method Based Breathing exercises, Miriam:

  • Gives lessons and workshops to singers and choirs, also wind and brass players.
  • Works with anyone who relies upon their voice to make their living – teachers (nursery, school, university), actors, broadcasters, lawyers etc.
  • Intensive breath work is enormously beneficial to voice users recovering from injury or surgery.

Accent Method Based Breathing work is included in Miriam’s singing lessons.


Can you do your job without your voice?


Then you are a professional voice user.



Miriam offers singing lessons:

  • On a one-to-one basis in Windsor, UK. A desire to learn and improve is all that is required! Her aim is to help students achieve their individual goals – from singing at a family wedding to being awarded a Diploma in Singing. 
  • To lend assistance to those preparing for auditions – such as choristerships, Oxbridge choral scholarships, Music College.
  • To those who wish to undertake ABRSM and Trinity examinations.
  • Which utilise the technology students have in their pockets and tailors every lesson to each student’s needs. Downloads and other digital solutions are offered.
  • With extensive experience, working with GCSE and A level students.

Fee information and financial policy available on request.



Miriam will help you create:

  • A vocal technique which is healthy and sustainable
  • A higher level of vocal performance
  • Optimal breath management
  • A better blend and greater harmony for your choir, acting as your choir coach.
  • Your own future, realising your goals, regardless of the context.
  • Confidence in your abilities
  • A way to practice and work on your singing